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Jason Dalton, Founder and CEO, Azimuth1Jason Dalton, Founder and CEO
As a former wilderness rescue first responder, Jason Dalton, Founder, and CEO of Virginia-based Azimuth1, knows what it's like to handle critical situations with limited resources. First responders must be ever-ready to act quickly and save lives, deal with crises, and bring order to chaos. However, most public safety agencies lack the funding, resources, and technical expertise needed to quickly leverage technology to drive innovation in the workplace.

To address these shortcomings, Dalton founded Azimuth1, a company whose mission is to equip public safety agencies with the right technology to improve response times and maximize positive outcomes. “We want to take methods and technologies developed for military or commercial purposes and transform them into solutions for public safety and security,” says Dalton. Combining modern analytics and data visualization into business processes, Azimuth1 customizes tools and methods to help public safety agencies perform better by making faster, safer, and better decisions. They accomplish this mission using their expertise in geospatial data modelling, GIS, optimization, and interactive data visualization.

Azimuth1 has recently launched QuickRoute, a technology purpose-built to provide customized navigation routes for first responders, allowing them to react faster to an emergency situation.

QuickRoute accounts for the alternative driving procedures available to first responders and the specific challenges that come with driving a large vehicle. It fuses various data sources to create a constantly updating database of roads and detailed transportation infrastructure. They then use specific vehicle characteristics for a dozen categories of emergency vehicles to optimize routes, track vehicle locations in real-time, and tag road obstructions and damage.

With a strong background in national security, environmental science, and public safety, the team at Azimuth1 is uniquely positioned to leverage existing technology solutions to build a never-before-seen product suite.

As a forward-thinking company, Azimuth1's team has never stopped innovating to meet the current trends in the market. For example, Dalton says that the public safety arena has recently witnessed a surging demand for drone technologies. In response, they are developing products with AI software for automating the processing and exploitation of drone data feeds for public safety. It empowers first-responders to automatically process their drone data and take timely and correct actions. They are also developing FireRoute, Azimuth1’s app for helping fire departments plan, analyze, and remediate gaps in water availability for fighting fires using municipal and rural water systems.

“Our first responder and national security customers risk life and limb to help our citizens when we need it. The least we can do is supply them with technology and analysis that helps them do their job, keep them safe, and constantly improve,” says Dalton. He envisions that the company will continue to grow by expanding its solutions and integrating with customer agency’s dispatching and information systems. As an immediate plan for the future, he plans to add technologists with a background in public safety and national security to the team to help build the next generation of products.

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McLean, VA

Jason Dalton, Founder and CEO

Azimuth1 is a fast-moving team of data analytics and computer science experts on a mission to bring specialty data analysis applications to environmental, national security, and public safety challenges.