TXI Systems, Inc.: Streamlined Towing and Impound Management

TXI Systems, Inc.: Streamlined Towing and Impound Management

Companies in the towing services industry are inundated with legacy systems which are ineffective to swiftly manage towing dispatch and impounding operations. The lack of coordination and communication between the stakeholders—towing companies, municipalities, first responders, police, and citizens— leads to inefficient incident management. TXI Systems is helping these stakeholders by providing them with electronic notification capabilities while allowing them to stay compliant with local impound laws. As a SaaS-based technology provider specialized in towing dispatch and impound management, TXI Systems offers a suite of integrated solutions geared to improve response time of first responders and manage towing operations seamlessly.

TXI Systems offers TOPS Central Management Application (CMA), a rich cloud-based solution that replaces legacy tools and CAD towing modules to establish robust communication between the stakeholders. Built out of TXI Systems’ vast experience of managing more than 37 million towing events across the U.S., TOPS CMA provides scalability, transparency, and high efficiency in managing towing tasks. The web-based solution accepts electronic tow requests from traffic police patrols and then routes to the appropriate contract tow company based on the dispatch rules which includes closest truck based on GPS Tracking/mapping. TOPS CMA can track the drivers and the trucks by verifying their status that enables towing companies to quickly respond to the tow requests.

In addition to dispatching, TXI Systems’ TOPS CMA also offers full transparency to the city police department, providing them accurate information about the vehicles being towed, status of the tow trucks, among other capabilities. “Majority of the municipalities and law enforcement agencies leverage TOPS CMA to reduce time spent on calling using phone, increase data accuracy, improve tow response times, and efficiently manage tow contract compliance,” says Jeff Pesnell, COO, TXI Systems. TOPS CMA also helps citizens to access crucial information such as price details, storage location, and a map to the storage lot.

To elaborate on the capability of the company’s value proposition, Pesnell cites instances where TXI Systems has worked with several cities to manage towing dispatch, accountability and transparency for the city police department.

Majority of the municipalities and law enforcement agencies leverage TOPS CMA to reduce time spent on calling using phone, increase data accuracy, improve tow response times, and efficiently manage tow contract compliance

The cities and police departments were using an archaic approach in determining the availability of tow trucks. Leveraging TOPS CMA, they were able to access the information about the available truck using GPS tracking and confirm the distance between tow truck and the incident zone effortlessly. They were also able to maintain accountability by tracking the truck from the pick up until drop off at the impound lot.

Besides, TXI Systems provides tools that help cities with local impound lots. “We streamline the workflow in impound lots by automating tasks that include impounding, pricing, and managing the lane of a vehicle until they are released to the owners or auctioned,” says Pesnell. In addition to impound management, TXI Systems also offers public search online portal that allows citizens to go online and search for towed vehicles. They also provide a Private Property Impound tool to aid cities and police departments in managing private property impounding.

TXI Systems continues to increase their value proposition by adding additional features with the ability to customize and integrate as needed. The firm also aims to expand their foot print by helping municipalities and police departments to better manage the daily towing operations.

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TXI Systems, Inc

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Jeff Pesnell, Chief Operating Office

towXchange, a division of TXI Systems, Inc., has focused on one vision, to help bring to the towing industry the same types of technology that have dramatically improved efficiency in many other industries. towXchange began with the software foundation of every towing business, a dispatch system. Drawing on years of experience from a group of towing management and operations veterans, the development of TOPS (Towing Operations Software) was begun. Having handled tens of millions of tows to date, the TOPS suite of products is the most powerful towing management system on the market