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Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (Ics): Advancing Technology to Improve Situational Awareness

Top 10 Public Safety Solutions Companies - 2022

The array of new technologies available for public safety agencies is growing rapidly. After the pandemic, the growth of cyber and technology-enabled crime is one of the most disturbing developments of the 21st century.

The use of drones in the public security and safety domain is enabling law enforcement agencies increasingly to “patrol” large geographical areas at speed, providing vital, real-time situational awareness for informed decision making, and enabling police and emergency service resources to be reassigned to higher-value tasks.

With many other momentous improvements happening in public safety market, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5 percent to reach $832.1 billion by 2031.

To put the spotlight on key developments in the industry, Govt CIO Outlook illustrates how public safety is leveraging the newest tech trends and applications. This edition also features thought leadership articles from subject matter experts. Some of the exclusive insights are authored by Wendy Harris, Director of Information Technology at the City of Memphis; Chad Abrams, Chief of Emergency Medical Services, Leon County Government; and Andrew Johnson, Deputy Chief of Police, Village of Hanover Park. They shed some light on emerging strategies in the public safety field.

In this edition of Govt. CIO Outlook, we also bring you the stories of top public safety solution providers. In the list, Integrated Computer Systems stands out for making the mission-critical tools that many of the top-performing public safety agencies in the nation use to run their operations.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in public safety domain. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Public Safety Solutions Companies

  • Integrated Computer Systems makes the mission-critical tools that many of the top-performing public safety agencies in the nation use to run their operations. The company’s Athena software suite includes computer-aided dispatch, mobile data client, and comprehensive records management system is used by 9-1-1 dispatchers, police, firefighters, and EMS personnel to keep their communities safe - from first call to case closed

  • 911inform


    911inform is the only notification and security management tool that connects organization with first responders. 911inform delivers comprehensive situational awareness and multi-platform communication

  • Citizen


    Citizen think that stronger communities are safer communities at Citizen. They live in a world where knowledge is readily available, sharing is effortless, and connection is simple, but they have yet to witness the potential of bringing people together to look out for one another

  • CivicEye


    CivicEye's objective is to provide the most modern and dependable technology solutions to professionals in the fields of public safety and criminal justice

  • Clearview AI

    Clearview AI

    Clearview AI is a privately held, U.S.-based firm committed to creating and equipping law enforcement with the most cutting-edge technology to investigate crimes, improve public safety, and give justice to victims

  • Emerging Digital Concepts

    Emerging Digital Concepts

    Emerging Digital Concepts (EDC) is a privately held company founded in 1997 by two former IBM system engineers: Chris Wiseman, and Greg Crider

  • Equature


    Equature (previously DSS Corp) is a global pioneer in technology and software that serves the public safety sector by enhancing operational efficiencies, speeding up first responder communication and reaction, and bolstering citizen happiness and safety

  • Haystax


    With Haystax's public safety solutions, law enforcement, school safety, fire, and emergency management agencies can share intelligence and analysis, as well as monitor, report, notify, and respond to occurrences, all from a centralized hub

  • Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc

    Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc

    SiriusXM has pioneered the development of connectivity since its inception. Sirius XM Connected Automotive Services was one of the original providers of vehicle telematics, introducing one of the first services in 1996, just as SiriusXM Radio was a pioneer in satellite music entertainment

  • SmartCOP


    SmartCOP manufactures a commercially available suite of Public Safety Software, comprising Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS), Field Based Reporting (FBR), Mobile Computer Terminals (MCTs), and Jail Management System (JMS). SmartCOP is the most advanced, integrated, and user-friendly system on the market