Verint: A Holistic Platform for Modern Critical Infrastructure Operations

Verint: A Holistic Platform for Modern Critical Infrastructure Operations

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David Daray, Director of Product Management, Public Safety Solutions, VerintDavid Daray, Director of Product Management, Public Safety Solutions
When an emergency hits, critical infrastructure operations must now be able to address a shift in the nature of information exchange. Whether it’s heightened citizen expectations, the increased volume and diversity of data, or new and rising threats , public safety agencies need to improve emergency preparedness, boost efficiency and reduce risk, without compromising the safety of citizens or personnel.

Verint, a long time expert in critical infrastructure solutions, is now offering Verint® Workforce Optimization (WFO) for Public Safety, a solution specially designed to help simplify, modernize, and automate processes in mission-critical environments.“Our purpose-built WFO platform enables public safety agencies to capture, archive, and retrieve multichannel interactions with a single tool,” says David Daray, director of product management for public safety solutions Verint.

Verint has a long-standing record of empowering organizations with crucial customer-centric insights, helping them make better business decisions. Public safety agencies are facing an increasing complexity and workload in citizen engagement, but must do so without an increase in resources, WFO can help fill this gap. It brings together recording, archiving, quality management, workforce management and analytics on a single platform, for simplified administration, maintenance and training.

A key component of the WFO platform is Verint® Recording for Public Safety™, which uses full-time, multichannel recording and archiving to drive better citizen experiences, enhance incident reconstruction, and manage liability more effectively.

Additionally, it can help facilitate compliance with government mandates, protocols and standards for digital emergency communication services and public safety radio systems. Through state-of-the art recording tools, which are specifically designed for public safety operations ,it simplifies multichannel recording by capturing voice, radio, video, and text communications across multiple channels (including PBX, VoIP, radio systems, chat, digital collaboration, email, mobile voice, SMS, and face-to-face),on a single recorder.

As well as capturing public safety communications from multiple channels, the system also captures the corresponding activities taking place on the call-takers’ desktops. Having a deep insight into keystrokes, data entry, screen navigation, and after-call wrap-up can be helpful for quality assurance and process development purposes. The solution can be delivered via the cloud, as well as on-premises or hybrid model.

With such an innovative platform, Verint is committed to the continued success of its public safety customers. Daray talks about an existing customer–a western U.S based organization–that relies on Verint to import call statistics to their emergency communications center, aggregating this information over time and using it for a number of distinct operational activities. The Verint system also allows them to look into historical call volumes at any point-in-time, helping them project into the future for employee scheduling and to manage training, vacation, sick time, special projects and breaks, while reconciling payroll against actual hours worked. In addition, the solution is configured to synchronize with the telephony system in real-time to track whether telecommunicators are on duty during scheduled times. This has ultimately brought greater effectiveness and efficiency to them, even in a challenging environment such as public safety.

With a wide array of solutions, Verint is not stopping there. Looking ahead, the company plans to integrate new applications and capabilities in their forward-looking platform. “Today, crisis-events and crime-rates are accelerating, whereas resources are limited, which makes it challenging for organizations involved in this sector to improve emergency preparedness, boost efficiency and reduce risk. As such, we will continue to enhance our platform, so that it can align with all the requirements and trends in public safety and offer more opportunities for improving services,” concludes Daray.

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David Daray, Director of Product Management, Public Safety Solutions

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