Verint: The Changing Face of Next-Gen Public Safety

Verint: The Changing Face of Next-Gen Public Safety

Clark Elmore, Director of Strategic Alliances  Public Safety, VerintClark Elmore, Director of Strategic Alliances Public Safety
As prolific physical threats make inroads in our society, enforcing the right measures to curb and combat them is critical. And with sophisticated attacks and recurring environmental disasters on the rise, today’s emergency service providers must cater to immediate crisis demands involving high levels of calls, messages and videos.

Interactions taking place over multiple communication channels add another layer of complexity to emergency operations. By empowering emergency workforces with the intelligence and ability to respond more effectively to citizen needs, Verint is setting a new paradigm in public safety. With this comes state-of-the-art software solutions that capture multimedia communications, share intelligence, reconstruct incidents, expedite investigations, and identify opportunities to improve the performance of service providers.

“There’s been a shift over the years from mission-critical voice to true multimedia when it comes to incident response—and that’s been driven in large part by the proliferation of smartphones with features like video and text,” says Clark Elmore, director of strategic alliances, public safety, at Verint.

As Elmore explains, Next-Gen 911 and FirstNet—the First Responder Network Authority—requires application providers to closely partner with solution integrators to assure mission-critical reliability, develop advanced capabilities, and take performance and readiness to the next level. “Our advanced multimedia recording platform and relationships with leading integrators position us—and therefore our partners and customers— well to effectively handle the ongoing changes in incident response.”

Here’s how … Verint public safety solutions feature best-in-class recording capabilities that enable a true enterprise approach to civil service.

Its highly-scalable and unified platform can be deployed on-premises and in the public and private cloud, providing agencies maximum flexibility. With intuitive screen recording, these organizations can capture, analyze and act on multichannel interactions with citizens—as well as apply those insights to share intelligence, heighten performance and enhance training.

Data aggregated from voice, video and radio interactions during any 911 emergency can then be used to recreate incident scenarios to analyze the chain of events from the first point of contact through to the actual response. This creates an end-to-end solution, and enables the same intelligence to be used to inform incident investigation, evidence preparation and maintenance of compliance audit trails.

At the core of Verint’s performance in the public safety sector is its robust partner network. “We have certified relationships with the largest communication integrators, on both the radio and 911 side, who play an important role in ensuring awareness and connection with emerging capabilities in the public safety domain,” Elmore explains. “We conduct regular meetings with our partner integrators to coordinate roadmaps and test our solutions at their facilities. Testing rigor plays a significant role in streamlining the deployment of solutions and verifying optimal operation in demanding circumstances. We pride ourselves in having an exceptionally strong partner network that helps customers purchase, implement and maximize our solutions.”

“Deploying our solutions over the last year, an agency in the state of Illinois has recreated incidents to analyze the skills, competencies and training needs of its emergency service providers—and to archive, evaluate and analyze recordings and screenshots to determine how effectively situations were handled from first contact to actual response,” shares Elmore.

Voice analytics are also a key component of the Verint public safety solution, adding the ability to identify intelligence, trends and anomalies from a myriad of interactions. Today’s agencies can benefit, as well, from “automated quality management” that, without human intervention, evaluates the competencies of emergency call receivers and their application of procedures.

Notes Elmore, “In ever-changing public safety environments, we’re committed to helping today’s agencies effectively anticipate, respond and take action by ensuring effective preparation, intelligence sharing and responses using advanced technologies and drawing on the latest integrator-certified interfaces and partnerships.”

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