Top 10 Public Safety Solution Companies - 2019
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Top 10 Public Safety Solution Companies - 2019

Technology continues to evolve in a rapid pace, and governments across the world realize that efficient technologies enable them to achieve more with lesser personnel. Technology has become the ultimate power multiplier, empowering officers with information and capabilities that would have been believed impracticable a few years ago. Public safety, in itself, has evolved from being reactive to predictive and preventive. Stopping a catastrophe in its tracks is more important than ever as agencies look at new ways to leverage and interconnect technologies to avert, respond, and solve crimes.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that has been buzzing for quite some time now, yet is just becoming relevant in the law enforcement sector. This powerful, yet cost-effective technology leverages sensors and cameras that can provide real-time notification of activities or conditions that can be beneficial to police interventions and decision-makers. IoT has many uses in the field of public safety, like coordinating traffic signals during emergency responses and auto-notification of weapons deployment by sensors.

Artificial intelligence (AI) acts as an always-on watcher, runs in the background during day-to-day operations and extending timely notification of statistical or event anomalies. Full-time monitoring of sensitive objects and places is effortless when AI-driven video analytics are part of the system. AI can synthesize massive amounts of data, acting on user-configured thresholds, thereby providing the most crucial information to the authorities to ensure public safety.

However, many agencies fail to leverage these technologies and fall way behind the ongoing market trends. In an attempt to help organizations leverage the latest technologies in public safety, Gov CIO Outlook’s 2019 edition has put together a list of the leading solution providers in Public Safety.

We present to you “Gov CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Public Safety Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Public Safety Solution Companies

  • Fire Recovery USA is the nation’s largest cost recovery company created to serve fire departments across the U.S. since 2006. Fire Recovery has provided cost recovery services to departments in 42 states, and are the leading provider in incident cost recovery in the nation. The proprietary systems and software allow any department to efficiently and effortlessly bill for fire inspections, emergency incident response costs, false alarm programs, and EMS Transports and subscription programs. The Fire Recovery Self-Inspect program allows departmental inspection oversight even with a manpower shortage. Fire Recovery USA offers the highest recovery rates in the industry, coupled with unsurpassed customer service

  • PURVIS is a technology solutions partner that develops, implements, and maintains mission-critical solutions for federal and local governments. As a robust and stable company with decades of reliability and experience, we know that peace of mind is of the utmost importance on every project, and we deliver that through the proposal process, implementation, and beyond. PURVIS is motivated and uniquely positioned to serve as a true extension of any organization. The team of Purvis consists of multi-disciplinary experts who thrive in collaborative environments and work with the client

  • Sonim Technologies is a leading U.S. provider of ultra-rugged mobility solutions designed specifically for task workers physically engaged in their work environments, often in mission-critical roles. Sonim Technologies specializes in workforce-critical communication and connectivity tools for industrial enterprises and public sector agencies, including end customers in construction, energy, and utility, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, public safety, and transportation. The solutions fall into three main categories: (1) ultra-rugged mobile devices, (2) industrial-grade accessories, and (3) cloud-based software and application services. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and offers its solutions through the world’s leading mobile carriers.

  • towXchange, a division of TXI Systems, Inc., has focused on one vision, to help bring to the towing industry the same types of technology that have dramatically improved efficiency in many other industries. towXchange began with the software foundation of every towing business, a dispatch system. Drawing on years of experience from a group of towing management and operations veterans, the development of TOPS (Towing Operations Software) was begun. Having handled tens of millions of tows to date, the TOPS suite of products is the most powerful towing management system on the market

  • Verint Systems Inc. is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions and security provider data mining software. With Verint solutions and value-added services, organizations of all sizes and across many industries can make more informed, timely, and effective decisions. The broad Intelligence-Powered Security product portfolio is deployed in over 100 countries, helping the government; critical infrastructure and enterprise organizations neutralize and prevent terror, crime, and cyber threats. Verint also helps organizations simplify and modernize the way they engage customers through their contact center, branch, back office, and marketing departments

  • CentralSquare


    Established in the year 1981, Central Square technologies offer technology solutions that help more than 7,500 public sector agencies to deliver safety solutions in the U.S and Canada. The public software solution has been broadly classified into Enterprise Suite, pro Suite. The company's AI-based crime analytics solution exclusively solves a case faster than the other solution. The public safety solutions offered by the company forecasts and prevents crimes with the help of smart patrolling solution, thereby saving lives by the help of real-time data and mobile situation awareness

  • Eagle Advantage Solutions

    Eagle Advantage Solutions

    Established in the year 1998, Eagle Advantage Solutions offers some of the helpful public safety software solutions. The company seeks to provide complete cost-effective law enforcement software solutions. The company offers numerous solutions to automate everyday operations, which includes public safety. The company has broadly categorized its solutions into five pannels: Eagle Advantage RMS, Eagle Advantage JMS, Eagle mobile, Eagle Corrections, and Eagle Biometrics. The Eagle Advantage RMS is a comprehensive and proven law enforcement solution, and Eagle Advantage JMS offers data management solutions, Eagle Mobile is the solution that provides information while patrolling, Eagle*Correction is an advanced correctional facility management solution, and Eagle*Biometrics is our cost-effective, secure, and feature-rich Eagle*Print Live Scan system

  • Mark43


    Established in the year 2012, Mark 43 offers to provide cloud-based and data-driven public safety software solutions. The organization provides a modern platform to build and deliver a solution to enhance public safety. The mark 43 platform offers three types of public safety solutions, namely, CDM, RMS, and Analytics. The CDM solution accelerates emergency response that is powered by high-quality, secure data depending on the need, and the RMS provides a seamlessly integrated hub for the collection and management of critical data. And analytics offers a Deeper context and control of mission-critical data

  • RapidSOS


    Established in the year 2012, RapidSoS offers life-saving, data-driven, public safety software, solution providers. The RapidSOS platform provides life-saving multimedia, health profile, and real-time incident data from connected devices and apps directly to 9-1-1 and first responders. The company serves more than 3000+ agencies. The company seeks to provide public-safety solutions with the help of connected devices. The public safety solution offered by the company is broadly classified into three types: clearinghouse, integration, and RapidSoS portal

  • Tyler Technologies

    Tyler Technologies

    Established in the year 1966, Tyler Technology seeks to provide end-to-end information management software solutions for the public sector. The company claims t have 15,000+ clients in almost 50 regions across the globe.The company offers extensive experience to design, develop, and delivers support integrated software solutions depending on the need of the client. The public safety solutions are broadly categorized into five types of Citation management, Computer-aided dispatch, fire& EMS, Mobile safety solutions, and records.The company's public safety solutions improve situational awareness and enhance safety and productivity for public safety professionals